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Blaze King

Sirocco 20.2

Wood Stove

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  • With versatile customization options, the Sirocco 20.2 wood stove captures the unique styling of North American heating. This model features a pedestal version (with a standard ash drawer) and a cast iron leg version (with an optional ash drawer).

    The stove's handles have been fitted with ash hardwood and a black enamel coating. Or, a cast iron door with a satin trim or satin handles are also an options. You can greatly increase the performance of the standard convection deck by coupling it with the optional fan kit. 

    Sirocco 20.2

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    Sirocco 20.2 Product Details



    Cord Wood Max BTU 39,000 BTU’s
    Efficiency 77%
    Maximum Heat Input* 293,079 BTU’s
    Constant Heat output on High 28,355 BTU’s/hour up to 8 hours
    Constant Heat output on Low 11,342 BTU’s/hour up to 20 hours
    Square Feet Heated 900 - 1500
    Average Heating Time 8 to 11 hours
    Potential Burn Time on Low 20 hours
    Emissions (grams/hour) 0.73 g/hr
    Firebox Size 1.8 cu.ft.
    Flue Size 6"
    CO (g/min) 0.78

    ** Cord Wood BTU is calculated using the cord wood test method.

    * BTU, heat input and output and heating times depend on influences such as home size, home insulation, installation configuration, wood species, wood moisture content and climatic conditions.


    Width25" (635mm)
    Height (w/ legs)31 7/8" (810mm)
    Height (w/ ped)33 3/8" (848mm)
    Depth27 1/4" (692mm)
    Weight (firebox only)320 lbs / (145.2kg)
    Flue Diameter6" / 152.4mm